Duraluxe Aluminum Sublimation Panels - The Anti-Graffiti Solution for Clean and Durable Surfaces

Graffiti and other forms of vandalism can be a real headache for businesses and property owners. Fortunately, Duraluxe Aluminum Sublimation Panels offer a unique solution that can help you keep your surfaces clean and free from damage.

Our panels feature a special formulation of coating that makes them resistant to graffiti, markers, lipstick and more. This tough coating makes the panels impenetrable to external pollutants such as dirt and permanent markers/inks, ensuring that your surfaces remain clean and looking their best.

Unlike other sublimation powders that can leave stains or blotches when cleaned, Duraluxe panels with anti-graffiti / UV resistant properties can be easily cleaned with no traces of pollutants. This means that you can maintain a clean and professional appearance for your business or property without worrying about the cost and hassle of graffiti removal.

In addition to their anti-graffiti properties, Duraluxe Aluminum Sublimation Panels are also incredibly durable and scratch-resistant, making them ideal for use in high-traffic areas. They can be easily customized to meet your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that you get the perfect solution for your space.

If you're looking for a clean and durable surface solution that can stand up to graffiti and other forms of vandalism, Duraluxe Aluminum Sublimation Panels are the perfect choice. With their unique anti-graffiti properties and sleek, modern design, they provide a safe, stylish, and long-lasting solution for any environment.

Key Features:

  • Resistant to graffiti, markers, lipstick and more
  • Tough coating makes panels impenetrable to external pollutants
  • Easy to clean with no traces of pollutants
  • Incredibly durable and scratch-resistant
  • Customizable to meet your specific needs and preferences


MHere the lab tests:

1. Product features
The main characteristic of the anti-graffiti powder 11X-XXX-YYYY (previous code: DS-0XXXA) is the high resistance to contamination: a special formulation makes products coated with this powder impenetrable to external pollutants, such as dirt and permanent markers/inks. While the cleaning of surfaces painted with regular powders would leave stains or blotches, surfaces painted with anti-graffiti powder will be cleaned easily with no traces of pollutants. These powders are all for sublimation and they are typically smooth and glossy.

2. Technical information
– Technical data

   Powder type                                            Polyurethane

   Resistance class                                      Class 1

   Performance (in surface/mass)              13,1 m2/Kg

   Specific weight                                       1,27 ± 0,03 g/cm3

– Application methods and curing conditions:

Powder available for corona charging application. Curing time and temperature:
– 25 minutes at 195°C ñ 383°F (metal temperature).
– 20 minutes at 200°C ñ 392°F (metal temperature).
– 15 minutes at 205°C ñ 401°F (metal temperature).

Recommended thickness: 60-80 micron.

– Mechanical properties and durability

  Test                                       Standard Reference                     Result

  Buchholz                                    ISO 2815                                    ok

  Adhesion                                   ISO 2409                       No adhesion loss; ok

  Salt Spray                                  ISO 9227                        corrosion<4 mm; ok

3. Variants and special formulations
There are several variants of this series. This powder can be produced:
– Clear or colored opaque;
– Super durable, Class 2;
– Low curing;
– Antimicrobial.

4. Anti-graffiti test
The anti-graffiti properties of this series of powders are tested according to the international standard UNI 11246, which defines the method and the procedures to determine the resistance to contamination. Some of the steps of the procedure are shown below:


Duraluxe Anti-Graffiti

So why wait?

Choose the perfect finish for your next project and bring your images to life with Duraluxe Aluminum Sublimation Panels
All of our finishes feature a unique polymer powder-coating that protects sublimated transfers from UV rays and promotes durable color. With high resolution and rich color support, these panels are available in all standard sizes and shapes, as well as custom sizes and shapes by special order. They are also non-flammable, have antimicrobial properties, and come with a 5-year outdoor warranty for UV resistance.