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11x14" Duraluxe Aluminum Sublimation Panels Oval

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    Duraluxe® Aluminum Sublimation Panels take aluminum sublimation panels to the next level with high-definition colors specifically designed to withstand years of exposure to sunlight. Ideal for artwork and interior / exterior decoration - Duraluxe powder coated aluminum panels combine the scratch-resistance and durability of powder coating with the depth and color vibrancy of multi-layer imaging.
    Available in nine finishes Satin, Gloss, Matte, Textured, Ice Touch, SaltLake, WallSky, Broshed and Glow in the Dark finishes.



    Duraluxe® outdoor sublimation panels are the result of over 20 years of sublimation experience by the Decoral® group of companies, a worldwide leader in architectural sublimation finishes.Since starting its first aluminum anodizing plant in 1973 and powder coating factory only 10 years later, Decoral has led the advancement of powder coated sublimation technologies on metal and countless other materials. Most recently, having recognized a need for outdoor sublimation panels with extreme durability, Decoral has developed the Duraluxe® line of powder coated aluminum panels for the signage and other industries. Duraluxe® sublimation panels offer the highest level of durability with properties designed to withstand long-term exposure to outdoor elements.

    Duraluxe sublimation panels offer

    Maximum Outdoor Resistance
    Scratch-Resistant Finishes
    UV-Resistant Finishes
    Powder Coated Sublimation
    Anti-Graffiti Finishes
    Chemical Resistant Finishes
    Textured, Matte & Glossy Finishes
    Premium Quality Aluminum

    Duraluxe Satin
    Satin Finish

    Satin is a fine texture finish with a semi-gloss luster, suitable for all types of work: signage, photography, wall coverings and more. Duraluxe Satin has Anti Graffiti properties, can be used for outdoor or indoor purposes and has superior (9/10) scratch resistance.

    Duraluxe Glossy
    Glossy Finish

    This finish is ideal for high color images. Glossy helps the colors pop and makes your image stand out. Duraluxe Glossy has Anti Graffiti properties, can be used for outdoor or indoor purposes and has good (6/10) scratch resistance.

    Duraluxe Matte
    Matte Finish

    Matte finish is our go-to finish for all-around performance. Not only does it render amazingly vivid colors, but it lends itself to more muted colors as well. Duraluxe Matte has Anti Graffiti properties, can be used for outdoor or indoor purposes and has excellent (8/10) scratch resistance.

    Duraluxe Icetouch
    Ice Touch Finish

    Soft-touch feel, ideal for black and white images. It renders deep blacks that give your image an archival quality found in galleries. Duraluxe Icetouch has Anti Graffiti properties, can be used for interior purposes and has excellent (8/10) scratch resistance.

    Duraluxe Glow in the dark
    Glow In The Dark Finish

    A finish with photo-luminescent properties, it glows on the lighter areas of the image for up to 8 hours. Duraluxe Glow In The Dark can be used for interior purposes and has very good (7/10) scratch resistance.

    Duraluxe Salt Lake
    Salt Lake Finish

    A unique-textured finish with a canvas look and feel. Best when used with images that require a dramatic effect. Duraluxe Saltlake can be used for interior purposes and has extremely superior (10/10) scratch resistance.

    Duraluxe Canvas
    Canvas (Texture) Finish

    Uniquely textured and improved scratch resistance for a durable option. Duraluxe Canvas has Anti Graffiti properties, can be used for outdoor or indoor purposes and has superior (9/10) scratch resistance.

    Duraluxe Wallsky
    Wallsky Finish

    This specialized finish has a reflective metallic embedded into the surface. When pressed it provides a glitter or sparkle effect to the image. Duraluxe Wallsky can be used for outdoor or indoor purposes and has extremely superior (10/10) scratch resistance.

    GUIDELINES to sublimate DURALUXE Panels

    Duraluxe Panel Preperation:

    1. Remove the white protective film from the panel
    2. Make sure surface is free of lint and dirt
    3. You may use alcohol to clean surface
    4. Make sure panel is dry before applying transfer paper

    Pressing Instructions:

    1. Preheat heat press by cycling the press two times to warm up the base
    2. Place a Nomex or similar heat felt on top of rubber base
    3. Place a clean sheet of paper to cover felt to protect
      from excess ink gas during sublimation process
    4. Place Duraluxe Panel with transfer face down on top of
      protective paper
    5. Place clean paper or heat fabric on top of panel to
      protect from heat platen surface during pressing
    6. Check temperature is set for 196C/385F
    7. Press time is set for 120 seconds (adjust time depending on your heat press)
    8. Pressure is medium or 60 psi
    9. Press the panel
    10. Remove protective paper from back of panel
    11. Lift panel from press careful with heat gloves
    12. Remove transfer paper and place panel face up on a cooling table or rack